Jonathan Z Bloh
Jonathan Z Bloh
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Photocatalytic NO x abatement: Why the selectivity matters
JZ Bloh, A Folli, DE Macphee
RSC advances 4 (86), 45726-45734, 2014
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JZ Bloh, R Dillert, DW Bahnemann
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JZ Bloh, R Marschall
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Photogenerated Charge Carriers and Paramagnetic Species in (W,N)-Codoped TiO2 Photocatalysts under Visible-Light Irradiation: An EPR Study
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S Wagner, J Bloh, C Kasper, D Bahnemann
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JZ Bloh
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An investigation of the optical properties and water splitting potential of the coloured metallic perovskites Sr1− xBaxMoO3
HA Hopper, J Le, J Cheng, T Weller, R Marschall, JZ Bloh, DE Macphee, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 234, 87-92, 2016
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