Leonard Moriau
Leonard Moriau
Post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia
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Cited by
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DOI, 2021
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Resolving the Nanoparticles’ Structure-Property Relationships at the Atomic Level: A Study of Pt-Based Electrocatalysts. iScience 2021, 24, 102102
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Resolving the Dilemma of Nanoparticles’ Structure-Property Relationships at the Atomic Level: Case Study of Pt-Based PEM Fuel Cell Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts
LJ Moriau, M Gatalo, A Hrnjić, A Pavlišič, AR Kamšek, U Petek, ...
Available at SSRN 3737808, 2021
Ir metal nanoparticles and IrO2 for acidic oxygen evolution reaction: Insight from Raman spectroscopy
L Moriau, MA Nazrulla, A Logar, L Pavko, M Bele, N Hodnik, AK Surca
Sustainable Materials and Technologies 40, e00901, 2024
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