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Single-layer graphene membranes by crack-free transfer for gas mixture separation
S Huang, M Dakhchoune, W Luo, E Oveisi, G He, M Rezaei, J Zhao, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2632, 2018
Etching gas-sieving nanopores in single-layer graphene with an angstrom precision for high-performance gas mixture separation
J Zhao, G He, S Huang, LF Villalobos, M Dakhchoune, H Bassas, ...
Science advances 5 (1), eaav1851, 2019
Large-scale synthesis of crystalline g-C3N4 nanosheets and high-temperature H2 sieving from assembled films
LF Villalobos, MT Vahdat, M Dakhchoune, Z Nadizadeh, M Mensi, ...
Science advances 6 (4), eaay9851, 2020
Electrophoretic nuclei assembly for crystallization of high‐performance membranes on unmodified supports
G He, M Dakhchoune, J Zhao, S Huang, KV Agrawal
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (20), 1707427, 2018
Gas-sieving zeolitic membranes fabricated by condensation of precursor nanosheets
M Dakhchoune, LF Villalobos, R Semino, L Liu, M Rezaei, P Schouwink, ...
Nature Materials 20 (3), 362-369, 2021
Millisecond lattice gasification for high-density CO2- and O2-sieving nanopores in single-layer graphene
S Huang, S Li, LF Villalobos, M Dakhchoune, M Micari, DJ Babu, ...
Science advances 7 (9), eabf0116, 2021
Hydrogen sieving from intrinsic defects of benzene-derived single-layer graphene
MH Khan, M Moradi, M Dakhchoune, M Rezaei, S Huang, J Zhao, ...
Carbon 153, 458-466, 2019
Techno-economic assessment of postcombustion carbon capture using high-performance nanoporous single-layer graphene membranes
M Micari, M Dakhchoune, KV Agrawal
Journal of Membrane Science 624, 119103, 2021
Centimeter-scale gas-sieving nanoporous single-layer graphene membrane
WC Lee, L Bondaz, S Huang, G He, M Dakhchoune, KV Agrawal
Journal of Membrane Science 618, 118745, 2021
Multipulsed millisecond ozone gasification for predictable tuning of nucleation and nucleation-decoupled nanopore expansion in graphene for carbon capture
KJ Hsu, LF Villalobos, S Huang, HY Chi, M Dakhchoune, WC Lee, G He, ...
ACS nano 15 (8), 13230-13239, 2021
Bottom-up synthesis of graphene films hosting atom-thick molecular-sieving apertures
LF Villalobos, C Van Goethem, KJ Hsu, S Li, M Moradi, K Zhao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (37), e2022201118, 2021
Enhanced water evaporation from -scale graphene nanopores
WC Lee, A Ronghe, LF Villalobos, S Huang, M Dakhchoune, M Mensi, ...
ACS nano 16 (9), 15382-15396, 2022
Polybenzimidazole copolymer derived lacey carbon film for graphene transfer and contamination removal strategies for imaging graphene nanopores
LF Villalobos, S Huang, M Dakhchoune, G He, WC Lee, KV Agrawal
Carbon 173, 980-988, 2021
Thermal stability of size-selected copper nanoparticles: Effect of size, support and CO2 hydrogenation atmosphere
M Li, A Borsay, M Dakhchoune, K Zhao, W Luo, A Zttel
Applied Surface Science 510, 145439, 2020
Rapid gas transport from block-copolymer templated nanoporous carbon films
M Dakhchoune, X Duan, LF Villalobos, KJ Hsu, J Zhao, M Micari, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (44), 16100-16108, 2021
Hydrogen-sieving zeolitic films by coating zeolite nanosheets on porous polymeric support
M Dakhchoune, X Duan, LF Villalobos, CE Avalos, KV Agrawal
Journal of Membrane Science 672, 121454, 2023
Two-dimensional Material Membranes for Gas Separation
M Dakhchoune
Chimia 74 (4), 263-263, 2020
Thin Films: Electrophoretic Nuclei Assembly for Crystallization of High‐Performance Membranes on Unmodified Supports (Adv. Funct. Mater. 20/2018)
G He, M Dakhchoune, J Zhao, S Huang, KV Agrawal
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Scalable Room-Temperature Synthesis of a Hydrogen-Sieving Zeolitic Membrane on a Polymeric Support
X Duan, M Dakhchoune, J Hao, KV Agrawal
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2023
Two-dimensional atomically bridged nanoporous silicate-based membranes for gas separation
M Dakhchoune
EPFL, 2022
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