Thomas Moehl
Thomas Moehl
Researcher at the University of Zuerich
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Lead iodide perovskite sensitized all-solid-state submicron thin film mesoscopic solar cell with efficiency exceeding 9%
HS Kim, CR Lee, JH Im, KB Lee, T Moehl, A Marchioro, SJ Moon, ...
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Understanding the rate-dependent J–V hysteresis, slow time component, and aging in CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3 perovskite solar cells: the role of a compensated electric field
W Tress, N Marinova, T Moehl, SM Zakeeruddin, MK Nazeeruddin, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (3), 995-1004, 2015
Effect of annealing temperature on film morphology of organic–inorganic hybrid pervoskite solid‐state solar cells
A Dualeh, N Tétreault, T Moehl, P Gao, MK Nazeeruddin, M Grätzel
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Passivating surface states on water splitting hematite photoanodes with alumina overlayers
F Le Formal, N Tetreault, M Cornuz, T Moehl, M Grätzel, K Sivula
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Unravelling the mechanism of photoinduced charge transfer processes in lead iodide perovskite solar cells
A Marchioro, J Teuscher, D Friedrich, M Kunst, R Van De Krol, T Moehl, ...
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Impedance spectroscopic analysis of lead iodide perovskite-sensitized solid-state solar cells
A Dualeh, T Moehl, N Tétreault, J Teuscher, P Gao, MK Nazeeruddin, ...
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Ionic polarization-induced current–voltage hysteresis in CH3NH3PbX3 perovskite solar cells
S Meloni, T Moehl, W Tress, M Franckevicius, M Saliba, YH Lee, P Gao, ...
Nature Communications 7, 10334, 2016
A cobalt complex redox shuttle for dye-sensitized solar cells with high open-circuit potentials
JH Yum, E Baranoff, F Kessler, T Moehl, S Ahmad, T Bessho, A Marchioro, ...
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Influence of the donor size in D− π–A organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells
J Yang, P Ganesan, J Teuscher, T Moehl, YJ Kim, C Yi, P Comte, K Pei, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (15), 5722-5730, 2014
An organic D-π-A dye for record efficiency solid-state sensitized heterojunction solar cells
N Cai, SJ Moon, L Cevey-Ha, T Moehl, R Humphry-Baker, P Wang, ...
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Cyclopentadithiophene Bridged Donor–Acceptor Dyes Achieve High Power Conversion Efficiencies in Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells Based on the tris‐Cobalt …
HN Tsao, C Yi, T Moehl, JH Yum, SM Zakeeruddin, MK Nazeeruddin, ...
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Nanowire perovskite solar cell
JH Im, J Luo, M Franckevicius, N Pellet, P Gao, T Moehl, SM Zakeeruddin, ...
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Covalent Immobilization of a Molecular Catalyst on Cu2O Photocathodes for CO2 Reduction
M Schreier, J Luo, P Gao, T Moehl, MT Mayer, M Grätzel
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (6), 1938-1946, 2016
Revealing and accelerating slow electron transport in amorphous molybdenum sulphide particles for hydrogen evolution reaction
H Vrubel, T Moehl, M Grätzel, X Hu
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Efficient screen printed perovskite solar cells based on mesoscopic TiO2/Al2O3/NiO/carbon architecture
K Cao, Z Zuo, J Cui, Y Shen, T Moehl, SM Zakeeruddin, M Grätzel, ...
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Factors determining the photovoltaic performance of a CdSe quantum dot sensitized solar cell: the role of the linker molecule and of the counter electrode
I Mora-Seró, S Giménez, T Moehl, F Fabregat-Santiago, T Lana-Villareal, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (42), 424007, 2008
Electrochemical Characterization of TiO2 Blocking Layers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
L Kavan, N Tétreault, T Moehl, M Grätzel
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Yttrium-substituted nanocrystalline TiO 2 photoanodes for perovskite based heterojunction solar cells
P Qin, AL Domanski, AK Chandiran, R Berger, HJ Butt, MI Dar, T Moehl, ...
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Blue-coloured highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells by implementing the diketopyrrolopyrrole chromophore
JH Yum, TW Holcombe, Y Kim, K Rakstys, T Moehl, J Teuscher, ...
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Photovoltaic behaviour of lead methylammonium triiodide perovskite solar cells down to 80 K
H Zhang, X Qiao, Y Shen, T Moehl, SM Zakeeruddin, M Grätzel, M Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (22), 11762-11767, 2015
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