Cyril Chelle-Michou
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Collision vs. subduction-related magmatism: two contrasting ways of granite formation and implications for crustal growth
JF Moyen, O Laurent, C Chelle-Michou, S Couzinié, O Vanderhaeghe, ...
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C Chelle-Michou, B Rottier, L Caricchi, G Simpson
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Geothermal state of the deep western Alpine Molasse basin, France-Switzerland
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Cadomian S-type granites as basement rocks of the Variscan belt (Massif Central, France): Implications for the crustal evolution of the north Gondwana margin
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Petroleum as source and carrier of metals in epigenetic sediment-hosted mineralization
NJ Saintilan, JE Spangenberg, M Chiaradia, C Chelle-Michou, ...
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Rare earth elements (REE) in Al-and Fe-(Oxy)-hydroxides in bauxites of Provence and Languedoc (Southern France): Implications for the potential recovery of REEs as by-Products …
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S Couzinié, O Laurent, C Chelle-Michou, P Bouilhol, JL Paquette, ...
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Petrological evolution of the magmatic suite associated with the Coroccohuayco Cu (–Au–Fe) Porphyry–skarn deposit, Peru
C Chelle-Michou, M Chiaradia, P Beguelin, A Ulianov
Journal of Petrology 56 (9), 1829-1862, 2015
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