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Lidar sampling for large-area forest characterization: A review
MA Wulder, JC White, RF Nelson, E Næsset, HO Ørka, NC Coops, ...
Remote sensing of environment 121, 196-209, 2012
A new data fusion model for high spatial-and temporal-resolution mapping of forest disturbance based on Landsat and MODIS
T Hilker, MA Wulder, NC Coops, J Linke, G McDermid, JG Masek, F Gao, ...
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Remote sensing technologies for enhancing forest inventories: A review
JC White, NC Coops, MA Wulder, M Vastaranta, T Hilker, P Tompalski
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The role of LiDAR in sustainable forest management
MA Wulder, CW Bater, NC Coops, T Hilker, JC White
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Estimating canopy structure of Douglas-fir forest stands from discrete-return LiDAR
NC Coops, T Hilker, MA Wulder, B St-Onge, G Newnham, A Siggins, ...
Trees 21, 295-310, 2007
Vegetation dynamics and rainfall sensitivity of the Amazon
T Hilker, AI Lyapustin, CJ Tucker, FG Hall, RB Myneni, Y Wang, J Bi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (45), 16041-16046, 2014
The use of remote sensing in light use efficiency based models of gross primary production: A review of current status and future requirements
T Hilker, NC Coops, MA Wulder, TA Black, RD Guy
Science of the Total Environment 404 (2-3), 411-423, 2008
Generation of dense time series synthetic Landsat data through data blending with MODIS using a spatial and temporal adaptive reflectance fusion model
T Hilker, MA Wulder, NC Coops, N Seitz, JC White, F Gao, JG Masek, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (9), 1988-1999, 2009
Satellite observed widespread decline in Mongolian grasslands largely due to overgrazing
T Hilker, E Natsagdorj, RH Waring, A Lyapustin, Y Wang
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Fusing Landsat and MODIS data for vegetation monitoring
F Gao, T Hilker, X Zhu, M Anderson, J Masek, P Wang, Y Yang
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine 3 (3), 47-60, 2015
Multi-angle implementation of atmospheric correction for MODIS (MAIAC): 3. Atmospheric correction
AI Lyapustin, Y Wang, I Laszlo, T Hilker, FG Hall, PJ Sellers, CJ Tucker, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 127, 385-393, 2012
Scientific impact of MODIS C5 calibration degradation and C6+ improvements
A Lyapustin, Y Wang, X Xiong, G Meister, S Platnick, R Levy, B Franz, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 7 (12), 4353-4365, 2014
Virtual constellations for global terrestrial monitoring
MA Wulder, T Hilker, JC White, NC Coops, JG Masek, D Pflugmacher, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 170, 62-76, 2015
Comparing canopy metrics derived from terrestrial and airborne laser scanning in a Douglas-fir dominated forest stand
T Hilker, M van Leeuwen, NC Coops, MA Wulder, GJ Newnham, ...
Trees 24, 819-832, 2010
Multi-angle remote sensing of forest light use efficiency by observing PRI variation with canopy shadow fraction
FG Hall, T Hilker, NC Coops, A Lyapustin, KF Huemmrich, E Middleton, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (7), 3201-3211, 2008
Separating physiologically and directionally induced changes in PRI using BRDF models
T Hilker, NC Coops, FG Hall, TA Black, MA Wulder, Z Nesic, P Krishnan
Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (6), 2777-2788, 2008
Assessing tower flux footprint climatology and scaling between remotely sensed and eddy covariance measurements
B Chen, TA Black, NC Coops, T Hilker, JA Trofymow, K Morgenstern
Boundary-layer meteorology 130, 137-167, 2009
Improved classification of conservation tillage adoption using high temporal and synthetic satellite imagery
JD Watts, SL Powell, RL Lawrence, T Hilker
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Assessment of standing wood and fiber quality using ground and airborne laser scanning: A review
M Van Leeuwen, T Hilker, NC Coops, G Frazer, MA Wulder, GJ Newnham, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 261 (9), 1467-1478, 2011
Remote sensing of tropical ecosystems: Atmospheric correction and cloud masking matter
T Hilker, AI Lyapustin, CJ Tucker, PJ Sellers, FG Hall, Y Wang
Remote Sensing of Environment 127, 370-384, 2012
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