Dario G. Lupiañez
Dario G. Lupiañez
Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)
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Disruptions of topological chromatin domains cause pathogenic rewiring of gene-enhancer interactions
DG Lupiáñez, K Kraft, V Heinrich, P Krawitz, F Brancati, E Klopocki, ...
Cell 161 (5), 1012-1025, 2015
Breaking TADs: how alterations of chromatin domains result in disease
DG Lupiáñez, M Spielmann, S Mundlos
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Dynamic 3D chromatin architecture contributes to enhancer specificity and limb morphogenesis
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A MicroRNA (mmu-miR-124) Prevents Sox9 Expression in Developing Mouse Ovarian Cells
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Identification of Live Germ-Cell Desquamation as a Major Mechanism of Seasonal Testis Regression in Mammals: A Study in the Iberian Mole (Talpa occidentalis)
RK Dadhich, FJ Barrionuevo, FM Real, DG Lupiañez, E Ortega, M Burgos, ...
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SOX9 is not required for the cellular events of testicular organogenesis in XX mole ovotestes
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Expression of genes controlling testicular development in adult testis of the seasonally breeding iberian mole
RK Dadhich, FJ Barrionuevo, DG Lupiañez, FM Real, M Burgos, ...
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Morphology and ultrastructure of the chorioallantoic placenta of the Iberian mole (Talpa occidentalis) with special reference to heterophagous areolas and the …
S Siniza, DG Lupiañez, R Jiménez, U Zeller
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Pattern and density of vascularization in mammalian testes, ovaries, and ovotestes
DG Lupianez, FM Real, RK Dadhich, FD Carmona, M Burgos, ...
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GOPHER: Generator of probes for capture Hi-C experiments at high resolution
P Hansen, S Ali, H Blau, D Danis, J Hecht, U Kornak, DG Lupiáñez, ...
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Unraveling the transcriptional regulation of TWIST1 in limb development
N Hirsch, R Eshel, RB Yaacov, T Shahar, F Shmulevich, I Dahan, ...
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A (3D-nuclear) space odyssey: making sense of Hi-C maps
I Mota-Gómez, DG Lupiáñez
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Positive and negative unintended human-induced effects on Iberian mole abundance at the edge of its distribution area
LGL de Hierro, M Moleón, DG Lupiáñez, E Virgós, R Jiménez
Mammalian Biology 78 (4), 276-282, 2013
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